Premium Taylor Made Living: Planning your new home or Business is an exciting opportunity. Markley Designs can create a space that is functional and meets your goals and needs. We specialize in high end small projects. As you plan your new project, one of the first questions to consider which architect is right for you. Markley Designs offers a great range of design experience to create a one-of-a-kind space. You can supply your own floor plan or work with an architect and design from scratch. As a custom designer we can select right details of your specialized needs. Residential and Commercial Design: Residential Design Residential architectural design requires an architect to ensure the safety and integrity of the home, and verify the conformity of the house to building codes. Our residential architects at Markley Designs collaborate with engineers, construction trades people and building trades people to turn our client’s designs into a functioning home. We taylor fit the design to the client’s needs and goals.   Commercial Design The architects at Markley Designs can prepare designs and specifications for commercial buildings, such as offices and factories, retail outlets and shopping malls, rail and air terminals, hotels, hospitals and sports and leisure facilities. Additional and specialized infrastructure is always accommodated, such as elevators, cafeterias, washing rooms and car garages. Our architects can deliver value to you brand and image through architecture, and the language of space.